Exercise 33: Because/Because of

1. It was difficult to deliver the letter because the sender had written the weong address on the envelove.
2. We decide to leave early because the party was boring.
3. Rescue attempt were temporarily halted because of the bad weather.
4. They visited their friends often because they enjoy their company.
5. Paul cannot got to the football game  because of his grades.
6. Marcella was awarded a scholarship because of her superior scolastic ability.
7. Nobody ventured outdoors because of the hurricane warming.
8. We plant to spend our vacation in the mauntains because the air is purer there.
9. We have to drive arround the bay because the bridge was destroye in the storm.
10. The chickens have died because of the intense heat.

Exercise 34: So/Such

1. The sun shone so brightly that Maria had to put on her sunglasses.
2. Dean was such a powerfull swimmer that the always won the races.
3. There were such few student registered that the class was cancelled.
4. We had such wonderfull memories of that place that we decided to return.
5. We had so good a time at the party that we hated to leave.
6. The benefit was so great a success that the promoters decide to repeat it.
7. It was such a nice daythat we decided to go to the beach.
8. Jane looked so sick that the nurse told her to go home.
9. Those were so difficult assigments that we spent two weeks finishing them.
10. Ray called such an early hour that we weren't awake yet.
11. The book looked so interesting that he decided to read it.
12. He worked so carefully that it took him a long time to complete the project.
13. We stayed in the sun for such a long time that we became sunbumed.
14. There were so many people on the bus that we decided to walk.
15. The program was such entertaining that nobody wanted to miss it.

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